Hand-crafted vintage textiles for your bohemian lifestyle

Homegirl is a hand-crafted collection of bohemian inspired vintage pillows, rugs and occasional home decor items.

My line started as a crazy idea in mid 2014 and is quickly growing into a beautiful collection of treasured vintage textiles from all over the world.

The summer of 2014 after baby number 2, my husband and I needed a well deserved break from the daily monotony (I swear I love my kids) of raising our 5 year old and newborn so we decided to do a short staycation in Laguna Beach, CA. IT WAS THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE! Laguna is filled with beautiful shops and art galleries. My inspiration blossomed. I'm not sure if it was the fact that I knew I was done having children but I was ready for something more! So, Homegirl Collection was born.

I'm inspired by life, love, colors, texture and combining modern style with vintage pieces so my passion for transforming vintage textiles into pillows was very natural for me. I love the process of choosing the textiles and putting them together with different fabrics from all over the world to create something new. Most of all, knowing there's a story behind each vintage piece makes my collection something you can cherish forever.

So far, this journey has brought me closer to wonderful people near and far. I believe in fair trade and supporting skilled artisans in third world countries where there are few income opportunities.

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