About Us

An eye for authenticity came naturally to Erin Morris growing up in rural Pennsylvania. The stone farmhouses and century-old barns on her childhood home were framed by bucolic greenery, manifesting a beauty that intensified over time. This sense of blooming rustic appeal has fused itself into Homegirl Collection. Now set in sunny California’s San Fernando Valley, beach inspiration has melded into country classic creating a perennial boho chic yet classic style, giving Homegirl Collection its own special place in the comfy world of specialty pillows.




“My dad built the house we lived in, using stones from our land that were hundreds of years old. It helped me learn that real beauty is authentic. When I launched Homegirl Collection, I wanted every piece to be unique and true to its origins. I source the world looking for authenticity then bring that design to people’s homes.”

Started in 2013 after a romantic getaway to Laguna Beach, Erin, a wife and mother of two young children, Homegirl Collection specializes in one-of-a-kind pillow lines sourced from an international network of artisans. Its stylish blend of cool and comfortable pillows of the finest quality fast became a top seller on Etsy and earned a perfect rating.

As the founder and designer of Homegirl Collection, I had a dream to be my own boss, create a brand that marries my passion for art and design with a desire to support economic opportunity to artisans (mostly female) in under-resourced settings.

Soon after my second baby was born, I had the idea of purchasing antique textiles (some useless and unwanted) and repurposing them into beautiful, unique pillows each with their own story.

Celebrating its 9-year anniversary, Erin’s Homegirl Collection has perfected rooms from Calgary to Cannes, film and TV sets beaming into homes everywhere, photoshoots and celebrity getaways. “It’s so fulfilling to go into a space and see it transformed into something beautiful. We’re all attracted to beauty and having a place in your home where you can be inspired and relaxed is an environment that we aim to achieve.”